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Wright-Way Wire Rope Hoists
Conveying Equipment

The pre-packaged solution to many material handling problems.

Wright-Way hoists are built with many of the same construction features as the Work-Rated and Wright American hoists; -construction features unique to hoists of [heir size and price.

Fhe exclusive patented Wright overload cutoff is standard equipment on all Wright-Way hoists. The device protects the operator, the load and the hoist by sensing an excessive overload and interrupting the lifting circuit, preventing lifting but allowing the overload to be safely lowered and removed. The device then automatically resets and the hoist is ready for the next lift. Other Wright-Way features include; dual braking using an electric motor brake and a mechanical load brake, automatic reset thermostats in the motor windings, a combination of helical and spur gearing encased in an oil-tight aluminum housing, easily accessible controls in a tough NEMA 3R enclosure, ductile iron lifting frame and preformed aircraft grade steel wire rope on a steel drum with machined grooves and large flanges.

Wright-Way hoists are available in lug, plain, geared and motorized trolley suspensions. In addition to operating on structural beams, standard Wright-Way trolleys can operate on 3.25 and 3.33 inch' patented track.

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