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Zeks Nomonox Health-Care Purifiers (HCP)

Breathable air takes on new dimensions when applied to health-care facilities. Life support systems, neo-natal care and respiratory therapy place stringent require- ments on breathing air purification systems. Nomonox Health-Care Purifiers (HCP) are especially designed to meet the special requirements of health- care facilities. In addition to all the advantages of the CDP system, the HDC also teatures a unique vacuum purge control system that automatically rejuvenates the absorber modules. Utilizing the scrubbing power of high vacuum, the HCP purifier requires less purge air to strip and flush the captured contaminants from the desiccant and the breathing air system.

Conventional adsorber purification systems are inefficient and costly when operated within the 50-70 psig range common to health-care breathing air systems. Refrigeration purification systems will tail if short-term electrical power tailure occurs. Respiratory therapy cannot tolerate such interruptions in the breathing air supply.

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